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How do love for nature, design and sociability meet in a house that welcomes family life?

Here, in this wonderful interior and exterior project designed by Zenucchi Arredamento based on a Studio Gafforelli’s project, every wish is fulfilled. “The customers — a family of four with little girls — have completely entrusted us with the work, they also told us their essential needs: having a comfortable and welcoming home where they could spend the weekends surrounded by friends and relatives”. Here, in the outbuilding next to the swimming pool we can clearly see the interior designers’ creative aim. “The main topic is nature, the atmosphere reveals unique details such as the wallpaper inspired by dandelions which call to mind the freedom of the grassland together with Moooi chandeliers, white clouds that float above the earth — recreated through the green-shaded cushions — and a tabletop in beige and brown hues”. The dialogue between creativity, materials and design continues inside the abode. The large open space that houses the living area is a skilful combination of materials and particular solutions, furniture icons and functionality. The open kitchen — designed to meet the landlady’s passion — blends in with the living room, the dining area and a delightful vintage setting consisting of two yellow velvet armchairs, a chest, antique mirrors and a lamp with a black lampshade to enjoy a drink with a cigar.

The shape of the pool and the surrounding lush nature lead to a special and relaxing atmosphere.

Extremely particular upholstery materials create — together with other creative furnishing solutions — a unique and enveloping environment. The planed French oak flooring in dark shades is unique, elegant and rigorous; it interacts with the materials chosen for the abode, such as the Sahara Noir marble wall, a suggestive interior design element. Mutina’s coverings in the kitchen and bathrooms are equally precious, calling to mind a natural and living material. Among the most significant interventions, we can see the corridor ceiling on the first floor — slatted and coffered like a boat jetty — that leads to the walkway with glass barriers, connecting the old, historic and renovated house — the wrought-iron barrier on the stairs leading to the master bedroom has been preserved — to the newly-built section. And if inside the house you can breathe a continuous conversation between beauty, design and materials, in the outdoor spaces the feeling is even amplified: the shape of the pool and the surrounding lush nature lead to a special and relaxing atmosphere. The outdoor decor — tastefully and elegantly selected — makes everything even more magical, just like when dreams come true.

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