The best furniture for builders

Italian design furniture for new buildings

Zenucchi offers builders solutions to increase the value and prestige of their properties with design furniture projects using the best Made in Italy brands.


With a network that covers the whole of Italy, Zenucchi handles the logistics, directly supports manufacturers and offers discounted prices.


arredamento edilizia

Working alongside construction companies

Our continuous design research is the starting point for your success. Zenucchi offers a complete, tailor-made service that covers the supply of the furniture, installation, consultancy, design and development, with the absolute guarantee of Made In Italy quality and attention to every detail.


Zenucchi actively supports the work of builders:

  • Offering the best furniture brands;
  • Presenting sophisticated and practical solutions for every need;
  • Providing full assistance to develop the project together;
  • We can offer discounted prices thanks to our integrated distribution network.

Dolcevyta Residenze 

Dolcevyta Residenze in Sarnico, province of Bergamo.

Contemporary chalet

Contemporary chalet in Ponte di Legno, provice of Brescia.

Redona Centro

New construction in Bergamo, Redona Centro.

CityIN Bergamo

Zenucchi Design Code has developed a project for the interior and exterior furnishing of each CityIN housing unit to enhance the spaces. Coming Soon in Bergamo, Via Ghislandi.

Residenza Brichetti 36

Residenza Brichetti 36 in Ponte di Legno, province of Brescia.

Residenza Cortefiorita

Residenza Cortefiorita in Seriate, province of Bergamo.

Residenza Vivaio

Residenza Vivaio in Alzano Lombardo, province of Bergamo.

The Belmont

The Belmont in Foppolo, province of Bergamo.


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