Lenny Bruce is not afraid – Sculpture

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H 78 L 67 P 37, recycled materials
Dedicated to one of the most important and ignored comedians of all time, this bust is made up of scraps of material used to produce weapons of war: tears and laughter can only coexist in art.

Biography artist:
Paolo Nicolai is a Tuscan artist who is giving new life to classical art. Born in Carrara, the homeland of marble, he graduated in Architecture in Florence and practiced his profession until 2020. The vocation to art is imposed during the year of the pandemic and the strength of its message is such as to ensure an instant success. Combining the circular economy and Greek beauty, he represents in his works the drama of the modern man creator of an unsustainable productive system that is leading him towards annihilation. His reinterpretations of Prassitele, Fidia, Michelangelo and Canova, made of plastic and other recycled industrial materials combine the beauty of nature, represented by the human body and the aberration of an industrial system that destroys it from within. Plastic is the new marble, the raw material of modernity. Hated and loved. Combining past and present, Nicolai gives shape to the spirit of time and makes us reflect on our identity’ hurt.

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