Interior Design

Zenucchi arredamento


Andrea Rinaldi

The wood that embraces it, a warm casing that smiles at the Earth

Open. Close. Reveal. Reveal yourself. Like in a game. Of openings, revelations. We are in a sustainable villa near Crema which conceals closures and divisions. A villa which embodies the idea of unrestricted spaces. The openness of nature, from where it takes its materials. The wood. The glass. The stone. The wood that embraces it, a warm casing that smiles at the Earth. Its class A structure (certified by the Region of Lombardy), internal flush doors, and doors and windows are supplied by Trentino-based Rubner, world leaders in bio-architecture. Its interiors, meanwhile, were designed by the Zenucchi team.

Imagination and experimentation

The result is a home bursting with creativity and an eclecticism that distinguishes the great personalities. This explains the owner’s predilection for iron and Corten elements, which take you on a genuine journey into the realms of the imagination. And experimentation. Such as the winding staircase which gently curves to meet the glass. A staircase with the grace of one of the great divas of the past that sparkles under the wooden hanging light. The wood that returns on the floors and in the furnishings, which warms the natural stone of the walls, and the iron of the decorative elements.


Press Review

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