The Araba Fenice


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A place where you can admire a beautiful natural landscape.

The facades were painted in cold colours and the interiors furnished and distributed with little functionality.The entrance was cramped and the space unwelcoming. The light that filtered in was dim and did not enhance the special features of the building. Indeed, the rooms on the ground floor did not encourage guests to linger and admire the nuances of the lake during the day. Check-in was rapid and then, immediately, the guests moved on to the rooms. For these reasons, the designer decided, first of all, to give the rooms a new soul, making them “homely”: cosy, welcoming and elegant. A “bourgeois” house. A place where what counts is not luxury for its own sake, but the distribution of space, everyday living, where small pleasures are important. A place to live even for a short time, but with the pleasure of stopping and admiring the beautiful natural landscape. With this in mind, first of all, the uses of the spaces were changed.

Light floods the rooms and caresses them, enhancing the colours of the walls and furniture.

The reception area has been moved to the large hall, where guests can also linger, while the TV or reading room has found a new home in the winter garden. A quiet, intimate and cosy place where you can treat yourself to a relaxing break. Each room was then the subject of attentive interior design: from the study of colours to the choice of furniture, both designer and made-to-measure. Just like in a house with furniture that looks to the future, that embellishes it to open it up to friends, like a precious treasure chest. The reception desk, for example, custom-made by skilled craftsmen, is enhanced by the majestic gold-leaf wall that forms its backdrop, while the conversation room is dominated by the versatile red sofa by Moroso. Furnishings placed in bright spaces, all overlooking the shore of the lake. The bar, used for breakfast, also enjoys this suggestive view.It is furnished with care and elegance, and the dominant piece is the imposing curved mahogany desk flanked by the magnificent black Panton chairs by Vitra. The original marble floor has been skilfully restored and polished, bringing back the beauty of the veining. Every detail has been taken care of with sartorial expertise without neglecting any aspect. Thus, a place designed to meet the highest standards of functionality, manages at the same time to transform into a familiar environment, under the banner of everyday comfort, which is also a symbol of true Italian character. Light now floods the rooms and caresses them, intensifying the colours of the walls and furniture. And it is pleasant to idle and watch the sun’s rays slowly move over the furniture in the rooms and reflect the slow vibration of the lake water.

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