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A 1990s house transformed into a glamorous villa.

Every house has its “dress”. The dress must be comfortable, but above all it must fit the person who “wears” it every day. Even more so if the owner has always worked in fashion; style comes first in their daily life. Style is a choice. And when you enter this fascinating home, you can’t help but notice it. It can be found in some timeless pieces of furniture and their composition, as well as in living solutions that make a gently sophisticated home friendly. The location is not to be outdone. We are indeed in the bewitching landscape of Lake Iseo. A brilliant four-year restyling by Zenucchi’s designers transformed what was once a 1990s house into a glamorous villa, where every choice of furniture and design was studied with an eye to the future, so that in twenty years’ time it could still be considered contemporary.

The parquet flooring in the living area has marble inserts.

The timeless pieces in the living area immediately catch the eye: the two Dodo armchairs by Cassina, the Armonia sofa by Poltrona Frau, and the Leger coffee tables by Minotti. A few vintage touches, such as 1960s cushions by Vitra, and some artwork from the owner’s private collection, add another beautiful touch. The original parquet flooring in the living area is very special, with marble inserts, a 1990s teak revived by the designers with natural water-based sanding that has made it opaque and perfect for a contemporary setting. The other coverings in the house, such as the resins in the bathrooms and the kitchen floor, were designed and supplied by Zenucchi Lab, the division specialising in the “skin” of the house. In the kitchen area, there is no lack of important items of furniture. The kitchen designed by Boffi, with a korian top, is the socialising space, together with the dining area where Spindle wicker chairs warm the atmosphere around a Saarinen table. The colour contrasts of the living room return in the sleeping area: white, grey, black. Another warming feature is the polished teak in the master bedroom, where the comfortable leather Dream bed by Poliform dominates, and a resin with a warm tones in the bathroom.

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