Artistic Promenade


Interior Designer

Zenucchi Design Code


Daniela Mannucci

In the pursuit of works of art, architecture itself becomes art.

Unprecedented combinations of circumstances demand unprecedented rules. The reflections of the English writer Charlotte Bronte on life applies even more to art, especially in spaces where it merges with architecture and the sophisticated forms of interior design. Like this hoe designed by architect Daniela Mannucci and skilfully furnished by Zenucchi Design Code, located in the province of Bergamo, which has a purist, essential, easily intelligible appearance, animated by a touch of mystery and moved by elements and volumes that give the space a neo-plastic and dynamic aesthetic dimension. A scenic stage of great evocation meticulously designed by Zenucchi Design Code to accommodate the objects of desire, the client’s paintings and sculptures. In the pursuit of works of art, architecture itself becomes art, or at least takes on a specific, declared aesthetic quality. After all, every path and every room in the house has been conceived as a small artistic promenade, including in this term also the design pieces that form the furniture and define the spaces. Thus, while Arnaldo Pomodoro and other famous artists, including international ones, reign in the house, the furnishings serve to differentiate the spaces: the angular and upholstered in natural leather Jagger sofa, by Minotti, and the Rueg wood-burning fireplace, Saphir Giant model, for example, delineate the living room, detaching it visually, but not spatially, from the dining area dominated by the Gipsy table for Flexform and the Doyl leather chairs, by B&B Italia. We have examined the living and dining room because here the genius of art also manifests itself in the relationship between inside and outside, a theme dear to the Brescian company, with the large windows that are transformed into paintings, into enjoyable landscape views, changing according to the time of day and season.

Wood is the star in the kitchen.

This focus on art is matched by an equally keen attention to the factors that make the domestic scene and its perception pleasant and relaxing. Zenucchi chose natural materials such as stone and wood, the latter represented by the customised Oikos armoured doors with wood panels and the custom-made wall panelling in smooth walnut. Wood is also the star in the kitchen, the Artex model by Varenna, with matt lacquered columns and wood finish, Corian top and peninsula, again in walnut wood, surrounded by Papilio chairs, by B&B. The bedrooms are also interesting, in the master bedroom for example the leather Flavia bed by Poltrona Frau, and the bedside tables, by B&B, stand out, and the bathrooms, made to measure with polished finish furniture, washbasins in Corian, by Antonio Lupi, and sanitary ware by Boffi. Making domestic life even more comfortable, as well as novel and futuristic, is the presence, at the entrance, next to fine chairs by Poltroncine Frau, of Ciclotte, an unprecedented piece of furniture, a beautiful concept created by designer Luca Schieppati, an exercise bike to be considered as a true work of art, exhibited at the museum of Italian design and expression of contemporary living. Like in a house designed to forget about everything and give itself over entirely to artistic emotion.

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