An Enchanting apartment

A new apartment for a young and dynamic couple

A young couple, a new apartment in the province of Bergamo, many ideas and many doubts. These are the ingredients for the recipe of this project. The principals, after visiting several places, landed at Zenucchi Design Code with their ideas and needs, looking for good people they could trust to build their heartland home. Here they found what they were looking for: a project tailored to them. In fact, the entire living area is designed to be used to its fullest extent. A large living area with a floor-standing TV cabinet that complements the bioethanol fireplace, embellished with a marble-effect stoneware-clad counterwall. The dining area, with a sculpture table signed by B&B Italia and a Flos hanging lamp as the star. The kitchen, designed with an equipped wall to complement the columns and an area with a large countertop, backlit shelves equipped for drinks and cocktails. And then the heart of the kitchen, a 6-meter-long island that combines the operating area with a snack area for conviviality. Integrated into the wall and camouflaged along with the kitchen columns is a swinging door leading into the sleeping area.

The comfort of a suite at home

Here, too, the Zenucchi Design Code team won over the client, creating a true suite for their master bedroom: a space all their own to be experienced in their privacy. In fact, upon entering the room, one first enters the walk-in closet, exploited as much as possible, and then the area dedicated to rest. An upholstered bed in a beautiful indigo color stands out in front of the light tones of the wallpaper lining the headboard wall. A glass door then leads to the private bathroom, reserved only for the use of the master bedroom. The care of the project was not only reserved for the furnishings; Zenucchi provided comprehensive advice, supplying complements such as lighting and carpets, and guiding clients in the selection of wall coverings and specification elements to create a dream home for them.