A small paradise of relaxation


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What looks like a postcard depicting a framed perched landscape is actually the view from a window overlooking a large terrace from where you can enjoy the Upper Bergamo skyline.

What looks like a postcard depicting a framed perched landscape is actually the view from a window overlooking a large terrace from where you can enjoy the Upper Bergamo skyline. An outdoor room designed by architect Giorgio Donati in collaboration with Zenucchi Design Code. A fruitful partnership that has made this space a relaxation haven. The furnishings in shades of dove grey match the flooring, creating a cosy and harmonious setting. This terrace had considerable potential; however, its large dimensions made it difficult to manage and furnish. These outdoor areas have been designed with the same functional and aesthetic principles for the indoor areas. The owners wanted to create small multi-use “islands” that were not too close but could still communicate with each other. There was a risk of ending up filling the entire space without achieving the goal. However, the architect and interior designers managed to combine taste and sophistication and achieve an excellent result.

The vibrant sequence of handmade clay plant pots dominates the terrace.

The Roda furnishings mark the conversation area and the dining area beside it. The Royal Botania sunbeds furnish the sunbathing area. These two settings are virtually separated by the swimming pool and surrounded by a combination of beautiful plant pots from Belgium. The vibrant sequence of hand-made clay plant pots dominates the terrace. Their arrangement marks the various settings in the terrace. The plants they contain are ethereal and willowy and caress the air with every gust of wind. The hand-made clay plant pots are coated with natural oxides and contain wispy plants. Willowy maple and Gramineae decorate the space while creating a discreet barrier with the external space. Today, this terrace is a small paradise of relaxation that can be enjoyed during hot sunny afternoons and summer evenings, when the lights go down to make way for the stars. The rectangular window offers a beautiful postcard view of the upper town from inside.


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