A lovely abode by the sea


Interior Designer

Zenucchi Design Code

Extrerior Project

Architect Rosso Emanuele

Sky and sea colours enter the abode; they paint walls and furniture with that delicate freshness that perfectly suits a holiday home.

So that’s how lightness and comfort are the leitmotifs of this project, carried out by architect Emanuele Rosso in synergy with Zenucchi Design Code that supplied furniture, accessories, curtains and managed the lighting design. The abode, once completed, has become the holiday home of a family that wanted an environment distinguished by welcoming and lively marks, a perfect shelter dedicated to all those moments where escaping the city chaos becomes invaluable. It’s about a specifically designed space where you can experience a splendid view, charming during all seasons.

Cosy and elegant, the abode smoothly covers a single floor with the open living area exposed to the marine landscape that inspired its colours. Light blue, white and grey give a delicate and fresh touch that gets along with the outdoor environment, enough to be one with the sky and the sea. Durmast wood flooring looks like a stretch of land that levels out the whole housing path, thanks to its warm marks.

The decor — essential and modern — is designed to be elegant and functional but signed by exquisite brands. Delicate curtains similar to white sails: not to take anything away from the breath-taking view of the sea but to complete the interior design. Their transparency adorns windows and moderates the light that copiously seeps in through glass windows. During the evening a measured lighting system creates evocative areas that match the urban light seeping in from the outside.

The high-tech and classy kitchen — that matches the dining area — and the sitting room almost touch each other in a single space driven by a simple and refined taste. The same one that turns the sleeping area into a pleasant meeting point between elegance and comfort, in a context perfected by nature and sea, astonishing natural habitats.

The terrace, with a panoramic view of the sea, has been elegantly furnished with the simple lines of the black table paired with comfortable seats in wood and fabric.

The simple and stylish Roda table is perfect for outdoors. The garden plot is orderly and well-kept. Here, among the greenery and stones, lie the steps leading down to the sea (Zenucchi Design Code, Luzzana, Bergamo)


A relaxation zone with a comfortable sofa by Flexform, in light grey fabric, with matching cushions, against a dark grey wall in concrete resin. The panoramic window is enhanced by a light, white awning reminiscent of sails, in keeping with the mood of the house (Zenucchi Design Code). With its harmonious and delicate colours, the leading light of the dining area is the white Porro table with its circle of blue seats by Vitra. The light that floods in from the glazed window has been subdued with a soft white curtain (Zenucchi Design Code).

Linear, hi-tech and chic, the white Poliform kitchen opens brightly onto the living area and in perfect keeping with the feel of the house. To make it even more functional, there’s a snack zone with a touch of colour in the La Palma barstools. The natural oak parquet flooring seems like an extension of the sand among the light colours evocative of sea and sky (Zenucchi Design Code)

Bedroom with fabric bed, and Noce Canaletto shelf above (Zenucchi Design Code). The master bedroom, with light-coloured wardrobes to match the B&B Italia bed in ecru fabric. The flooring in the night zone is also in natural oak parquet (Zenucchi Design Code).



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