A diamond between the land and the sky


Interior Design

Zenucchi arredamento


Mattia Pasin

Exterior Project

Architect Cassone Gian Paolo

An architectural gem

We are in the hills, looking across the lake, of a landscape that dominates a little village in the province of Bergamo. The is the location of a special residential project, set in the hills like a little jewel of architecture. The renovation project was overseen by architect Gian Paolo Cassone of E Architetti Associati, in collaboration with Zenucchi Design Code, whose team of interior designers provided a complete consultancy service ranging from custom and standard furnishings to accessories, curtains, lighting and upholstery. “The project – explains Cassone – consisted of the renovation of a rural building of historical importance and involved major restoration and extension work. The original farmhouse was first extended in the 1960s with the construction of a new part of the building”.

Historical and architectural restoration

On this basis, the plan focused on the historical and architectural heritage of the property, eliminating the part of the building constructed in the 60s and ensuring the consistency of the new portion and its seamless integration in the landscape. Then, exploiting the characteristics of the land, consisting of large terraces with embankments and brickwork – mostly dried using large masses of dolomite rock obtained from the nearby landslides of Monte Cala and composed using various techniques – the architect designed a new extension, set against the land behind and connected to the historic building with a wonderful glass structure. “By reducing the height of the extension and reviewing the position of the architecture we managed to create a unit with minimal finishes, enhancing the value of the farmhouse and ensuring the harmony with the natural context”. A goal that was achieved also thanks to the original interior design project by the Zenucchi team which gave the spaces a personal and distinctive feel. Custom furnishings and ideas, like the splendid kitchen, the place where the family eats together, the particular wardrobes of the master bedroom, the furniture, but also the choices of fabrics that decorate the house – the refined laundry, the contemporary rugs – integrate harmoniously with the architectural project, helping to create a welcoming and modern home with unique style details and a depth of spaces and emotions.

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