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Extrerior Project

Architect Castagna Massimo & Zenucchi design Code

The green valley, the seasonal colours, the landscape

Every day life is right there in front of you: the green valley, the seasonal colours, the landscape. It is all there, with no indoors or outdoors. The beauty of this house is without doubt the possibility of enjoying an unfiltered view every day, exclusive, intimate and private access to the poetry of nature. A privilege made possible thanks to an architecture and interior design project by architect Massimo Castagna and Zenucchi Design Code which focused on two very important aspects: large openings – 50 m2 of windows that open onto the arcade creating a dialogue with the outdoor space – and materials, natural and local wherever possible. “The dialogue with the exterior – explains the Zenucchi team – is not just amplified by the use of full-height glass. The floor, made from a local stone which is interesting from both an aesthetic and functional perspective, continues from the outdoors inside, naturally enlarging the daytime area which looks out onto the valley”.

A unique project that stirs the emotions.

The fireplace is the real focal point of the daytime zone, located at the centre of the space and the hub around which the other rooms develop. One particular detail of the fireplace is the position of the hearth, on the same level as the floor. The choice of natural and textural materials can also be seen in the stairwell area: the wall was designed with very evocative and original upholstery consisting of boards of natural wood of different types, measurements and thicknesses. The design of the staircase is equally original: beams of natural iron emerge directly from the walls and are flanked by solid stone surfaces. A full-height sliding door separates the day area from the night area. Here the floor consists of a parquet of solid ash end grain blocks, heat-treated with oil finish. For the entire home and the exteriors the Zenucchi team employed custom solutions, personally selecting and sourcing every element: from the upholstery to the furniture, from the taps to the sanitary fixtures, from the lamps and laundry to the curtains, accessories and pictures. A unique project that stirs the emotions.

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