For the 4th successive year, from 5 to 22 September we will be at the international show organised by Arketipos to furnish the portico of the Angelo Maj library with our outdoor collection!

Developed in collaboration with architect Massimo Castagna, the project is inspired by the main theme of the I Maestri del Paesaggio show: PIONEER LANDSCAPE, the celebration of pioneer and natural vegetation which investigate the relationship between architecture and nature, inviting users to consider plants as living and moving entities..
This year, in fact, the portico of Angelo Maj library will be completely invaded with greenery, just as natural vegetation sometimes takes back anthropised spaces.
On the ceiling, Massimo Castagna designed a green wave for Zenucchi Design Code (hence the name of the installation, GREEN WAVE) composed of hanging cylinders made of polystyrene (an easily recyclable material to be 100% GREEN). The tubes of various length, painted in different shades of green, create a wave which invades and runs the length of the portico.
When the wind blows the cylinders move and create a green wave above the heads of visitors, giving the appearance of a constantly growing and changing living organism.
As well as producing a wave of life, the movement of these tubes creates a bond with users of the space who, observing the cylinders above them, can see and imagine different shapes (trees, leaves, bamboo…), therefore stimulating the relationship between man and nature.
Together with Massimo Castagna we designed the space under the portico of the library by expanding this reflection on man’s relationship with nature and the surrounding environment, creating the four main scenarios that characterise outdoor living: individual relaxation, socialising, time spent with relatives and friends, intimate moments with the family. These four themes are represented with the use of designer outdoor furniture created by international architects for Roda and Dedon, Kettal, Gloster and Paola lenti, in pale and neutral colours that echo the tones of nature.