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It is in people’s differences, in the multiplicity of contexts in which human behaviour grows, that the concept of personality takes form. Which is nothing less than the individual’s need to express himself independently of others, the world and the culture in which he was born. An incipit that helps us introduce the owners of this house located near Brescia. Two people with a strong character, who love travelling and exploring. The couple, a man and a woman, have excellent taste and pay attention to detail. “We did not commission anyone to design and architecturally plan the house. When we bought this house, only the outside walls were still intact, everything else is our own doing. Mine and my husband’s. We talked to each other and worked to create every single space in our house so that it could be ours alone, really ours. Soul and body were expressed in every step, in every element. Let’s say that it was our personal taste created over the years through the experiences we lived in our travels that allowed us to create these spaces that we literally built around us”.

Happiness lies in taste and not in things.

Because when you decide by mutual agreement to take on such an important project for a couple, the goal can only be happiness. A happy, perfect home. Happiness lies in taste and not in things. “You are happy because you live with what you like, and not because you have things that other people like”. So every space, starting from the kitchen and ending in the bathroom, has been filled with well thought through objects; there is a lot in the house, there are countless furnishing accessories – including fabrics and canvases – that seem to have been placed naturally and that they could never have been positioned otherwise. A classic result, with natural tones, magnified by parquet flooring and an all-wood ceiling and significant changes in height.

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