Living with love


Interior Design

Zenucchi arredamento


Mattia Pasin

Extrerior Project

Architect Brembilla Andrea

A comfortable house suitable for accommodating a family and their friends with all possible comforts.

Embracing love is possible in a place where you feel at home and have all the care and comforts you need. This sumptuous “refuge” is as welcoming and homely as it gets, a villa where all living requirements are heeded. Designed by the BZ studio – architect Andrea Brembilla – in collaboration with the Zenucchi Design Code team of interior designers, the home consists of various spaces tailored to the needs of the owners: a comfortable house suitable for accommodating a family and their friends with all possible comforts. As well as the striking outdoor space with swimming pool and garden, the house also has a basement floor which hosts an authentic second suite with guest bedroom, private bathroom and whirlpool. Although the house is undeniably modern, the materials, like wood and stone, and the colours chosen for the walls and upholstery are very homely and welcoming.

A peoplecentred project where the real secret is the homes ability to embody the desires and love of the family.

While the basement is deliberately rustic in style, the living room area on the ground floor is very luxurious and elegant, filled with fine materials – marble, stone and glass – and well-lit. One of the elements designed ad hoc by the Zenucchi Design Code team is the living room staircase, a perfect synthesis of natural materials which leads to the suite, a wonderfully intimate place for couples. Here, the interior designers created an open-space bathroom adjoined to the bedroom with hot tub and multi-functional shower which can be accessed from both sides. The bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables, accessories carefully chosen by the Zenucchi Design Code team, add an artistic touch to the bedroom. “We supported them from the outset – comment Zenucchi – making suggestions step by step and examining and studying all of the details together”. A people-centred project where the real secret is the home’s ability to embody the desires and love of the family.

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