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Surrounded by an ancient park, hidden in the green hills of Bergamo, lies this sophisticated detached villa

Set in a desirable residential complex, it’s a private gallery filled with noteworthy pieces. The unique stamp is unmistakeable, revealing the thinking and taste of the team at Zenucchi Design Code. But this home required something above and beyond the solutions previously employed. Sympathetic to the desires of the home owners, we proposed an interpretation of the interiors that plays on the senses, where sight, touch and hearing would come together in harmony. The hues of the Auresina stone floor, polished on site, and the Dechirer Decor ceramics are completed by the colour of the “scuffed” textures of the walls in concrete resin behind the B&O stereo and the chimney.

The natural oak staircase, which runs next to a wall in “scuffed” resin, is the element that unites all the spaces of the house. The wall lamps serve to emphasise its height. The same “scuffed” material covers the stair wall, which rises vertically to connect all the floors. It’s like a uniting thread, accompanying the visitor on their journey and taking them to the different levels of the home.

The grey-coloured surfaces further emphasise the height of the surroundings, and harmonise perfectly with the warm colour of the natural oak parquet. Every choice is well judged and reflects the style of Zenucchi, who supplied all the materials. The tactile appeal changes again as we enter the games room, characterised by a playful beach print.

On this wall the colours reflect the clear light of the sea and sky, repeated in the white furniture and blue decor.Each space, thanks to a considered choice of materials and colours, evokes different images. In the dining room, a relaxing atmosphere pervades. The Auresina stone floor is given warmth by the large sofa in taupe fabric and the softness of the leather armchairs.

A project based on real spaces, with furnishings from famous designer names.

The kitchen, with its Corian® worktops and glossy lacquered doors, is reflected in the black Marquinia marble of the Saarinen table, completed by the Vitra chairs and the classic yet striking Louis Poulsen ceiling light. A light that’s imposing in its dimensions and ethereal in its delicate design, but with a coldness to its materials. The scene changes again on the first floor and in the basement. In these spaces, the colours are warmer, with a natural oak floor. The light tone and warmth of the wooden boards allow the lacquered red kitchen to be the prime focus of the room. Only a small light steals the scene: a small red sphere positioned to illuminate the wine cellar, with its made-to-measure wine racks. A project based on real spaces, with furnishings from famous designer names or created by craftsmen from sketches. This is the beauty of having all furnishings supplied by Zenucchi Design Code.

The ground floor kitchen itself is separated from the dining room by full-height sliding doors. The doors, in opaline glass, divide the space elegantly and almost virtually, allowing the two adjacent spaces to speak to each other in the language of their common materials. Glass partition panels define the continuous space and are used for all the doors of the house.

Some folding, some sliding, they separate the different zones of the house. The cold notes of the opaline surfaces alternate with the softness of the furnishings in the rooms dedicated to wellbeing. The furniture and basins in these rooms are as pleasant as velvet to the touch. Their minimalist lines, combined with Corian and other cutting edge materials, give a sense of warmth and perfection to the touch, in contrast to the coldness of ceramics.

The dining area is furnished in keeping with the red kitchen. The wooden furnishings of the wine cellar, on the other hand, were specially designed and built to measure. These spaces are characterised by the same minute attention to detail as elsewhere in the house. A delightful harmony between basins and taps, between vertical and horizontal coverings, and with the design of the cabinets. All the accessories, including the mirrors, contribute to the harmonious look of the spaces. A result achieved through end-to-end management of the project, beginning with the design and ending with the supply of every piece of furniture, down to the smallest detail. A knowledge that also includes the works of art insightfully selected and positioned on the walls by Zenucchi, completing the design and bringing a touch of warmth to the home. Lighting, colours and materials: each element is carefully chosen and supplied by Zenucchi Design Code. Details skilfully curated in order to define the interior design of this villa using tactile textures.

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