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Zenucchi Arredamento

A familiar yet artistic environment.

Can a house be both homely and an artistic space in which to savour the beauty of exclusive works of art on a daily basis? Yes it can, because the soul of a home reflects that of its owner, a lover of paintings and classical sculpture. The interior design project was developed by Giacomo Zenucchi taking account of the interests and passions of the homeowner. “The owner shared his space and lighting ideas with us because his aim has always been to showcase his valuable private art collection in a stylish and elegant yet understated way”. This house was developed according to a specific philosophy characterised by very interesting settings and carefully considered compositional, furnishing and finishing choices. The day area is distinctive for its Basaltina stone floor while parquet is used for the night area. Giacomo Zenucchi’s custom interior design creations include, in the daytime area, a very particular wood panel in heat-treated oak which houses the TV area, fireplace and a series of cupboards and storage units before embracing the entrance hall and joining up with the stairwell. A special staircase, redesigned by the interior designers. “Originally the stairs were closed off by walls which we recommended removing in order to create space and enlarge the entrance area. In this way the staircase acquired more importance, making the environment more elegant and welcoming. The Basaltina stone of the floor also covers the walls of the stairwell.

An elegant and welcoming environment

The parapet and barrier are in glass and are inserted in the stone in a groove specially designed for the thickness of the glass”. But the surprises in this house never cease to amaze. When walking along an expertly-lit corridor, with works of art hanging from the walls, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in an art gallery surrounded by beauty and culture. Unique emotions that also characterise the night-time area where the contemporary and understated designer furnishings intertwine with the poetry of the natural materials, like the wood of the parquet and the marble of the master bathroom. The perfect fusion of the owner’s passion and a family life rich in art and beauty.

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