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Zenucchi Design Code

A newly built flat with a touch of art.

The clients got to know Zenucchi through their enormous passion for Vitra’s Wooden Dolls, a design classic by Alexander Girard, 1952. He is an art collector and she an artist with a passion for reading; art could not fail to be the star of the project.
When they approached Zenucchi, the flat was under construction and the intervention of the designers was decisive: major changes were made to the original design by having already finished floorboards demolished on the upper floor and a drain that did not exist in the bedroom brought in to create the suite of their dreams.

The watchwords are books, art, collecting, originality, colour and love for animals

From that moment on, our adventure together began, designing and building the scenic staircase leading to the sleeping area, which is the undisputed star of the living room, the furnishing leading your eyes to it. The service areas such as the bathroom and the study are both characterised by colour and a touch of art. And again, designing the sleeping area, which is to all intents and purposes a suite with tub in the bathroom, double-sided fireplace, walk-in wardrobe and private bathroom. It is a project that has been carefully designed in all aspects, from the wall coverings to the lighting, through to the furnishings and fabrics, with the aim of creating an environment for customers that expresses their character and passions.