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A modern vision in a thoroughly rural setting.

A modern vision in a thoroughly rural setting. A play on words, an expression with an equivocal, double meaning to define something that, while contrasting, creates balance. Ancient and contemporary together: anti-contemporary. In this case, Zenucchi Design Code had the task of co-ordinating the design idea by supplying furniture and accessories in shades and hues that could achieve the aim. The first contrast to highlight was to achieve a modern vision in an absolutely rural context, almost as if to make two incomprehensible and different languages talk with each other. The Brianza countryside welcomed this villa with its linear, contemporary features, a language never understood until then. This is when the rural structure begins to shed its old appearance. The line of union, the characteristic feature of the house, is the fusion of the colour-non-colour, white, with wood.

Wood tells its own story, it speaks of the past.

A way to intensify each element. The roof has retained its original, old attic structure, allowing the necessary space to be recovered in height. Wood tells its own story, speaks of the past and communicates with modern oak parquet in a tale of continuous episodes. The choice to use dove-grey, at times tending towards grey, supported the idea of non-contemporary. “The same mood was maintained for all furniture choices by using historical design pieces combined with absolutely technical products and materials,” explains Zenucchi. In fact, the mixture of teak with Corian®, of chrome with dove grey, of the use of wood alongside marble is evident.

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