Illuminating atmospheres


Interior Design

Zenucchi Design Code


Paolo Stroppa

The magic of light

It is the magic of light, natural and artificial, that softly accompanies us inside this delightful home located in a historic building in Bergamo. An apartment with an interesting personality whose interiors were conceived and designed by the Zenucchi Design Code team. “The customer had purchased the house with the coverings already in place, together with the kitchen and bathrooms. They contacted us to complete the project, not just for the supply and design of the furnishings but also for the rugs, curtains, accessories and, above all, the lighting”. In fact, what strikes you, as soon as you walk in, is the lighting, a kind of luminous punctuation in every room of the home with different effects that create welcoming and reserved atmospheres.

Furnishings brimming with character.

In the living room the interior designers opted for a diffuse lighting effect created by a sequence of floor and table lamps designed by Flos. Also eye-catching are the curtains, perfectly integrated in this warm and welcoming space. The custom-made elements include, in particular, the living room TV holder with perimeter LED light and the equally interesting TV holder in the bedroom. A series of bold furnishings – a Cassina armchair, lamps by Flos, Davide Groppi and Henge – were chosen to give all the rooms in the house a designer feel, solutions designed to create harmony and ensure the comfort of the home, in a mix of light and beauty.

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